Praise Core Fam 👊

Jesse Tevelow

Founder & Creator | Product

Jesse's first company, PlayQ, has generated over $100M in digital currency sales via its playful games. He's now bringing social incentives and gamification mechanics to the metaverse and the real world.

Jesse is no stranger to blockchain and crypto. His marketing agency, LaunchTeam, has helped over 50 blockchain companies raise $500M over the past 6 years.

James Sommerville

Brand Design | Story

James was formerly the Global VP of Design for Coca-Cola. Earlier in his career, he founded the ATTIK Design agency (funded by Prince Charles). He is also the Founder of KnownUnknown, an online community of A-list designers who are working on the Praise project.

James has experience building timeless brands and has led countless global campaigns for Fortune 100 companies.

Alicia Corven

Producer | Innovation Liaison

  • Five-time Emmy-winning producer and multi-hyphenate
  • Former Executive Producer of Worldwide Events at Apple
  • Former VP of Creative Ops at Showtime
  • 20+ year career in storytelling through print, video, audio, and live event production

Tal Navarro

Marketing Strategy | Advisor

  • Forbes 40-Under-40 award-winning Influencer & community-builder in Web3
  • Founder and Owner of the Social-Lady and Founder of WinWeb3
  • 500K+ followers across social platforms
  • Established the first-ever college for social media in Israel

Jim Jordan

Partnerships | Media

  • Celebrity fashion photographer, director, model scout, New York Times Bestselling Author
  • Award-winning photoshoots with Leonardo DiCaprio, Zendaya, and the Kardashians
  • Magazine covers for Vogue and Vanity Fair.
  • Commercials for Mercedes Benz, Warner Brothers, J.Crew

Thunder Rockets

Art and Illustration

  • Thunder Rockets is a boutique art studio based in São Paulo operated by Marcos and Matt. They have become part of the Praise team. 
  • Thunder Rockets has worked with major brands like Google and Redbull.
  • They produced another NFT collection, Sherbert, which did $2M+ in sales.

Coffee Converter

VP of Engineering

  • Programming since 1989
  • Managed teams of 40+ at companies like IBM, THQ, Wolfram, Rainmaker Games
  • Web 3 Clients include Monster Satoshibles, Supreme Skulls, Praise Pals, and SAN Sound
  • Writes gas-efficient NFT smart contracts 

Richie Rich

Discord | Metaverse

  • Richard Parr has worked in various capacities within Discord, including infrastructure and setup, community engagement, and growth. 
  • He is a member of multiple DAO groups and has worked on massive servers, like Shiba Inu.