It's About Stories


Our agency, Praise Media, focuses on strategic marketing, business development, & private events for Web3's most remarkable projects and thought leaders.

Since 2016, we've helped 50+ vetted founders raise over $500 million. We act as a part of your team, not hired guns billing for hours.

Community Perks

The limited-quantity Praise Gold™ card is the VIP master key to the Praise universe.

  • Invite-only experiences in the Hollywood Hills
  • Exclusive gatherings around the world with aligned partner communities
  • Presale NFTs from our network of top-tier companies
  • Beta access to Praiseland, our social metaverse game
  • Daily boost in $PRAISE token emissions

There are 888 Gold cards. We will never release more.

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Exclusive Events


We host and manage invite-only minifestivals for the industry's most remarkable people.

This gathering in the Hollywood Hills attracted 400+ VIP guests, including startup founders, NFT artists, collectors, investors, and Influencers who collectively represent billions of dollars in Web3 market value.

Alpha Market

Alpha Market is our invite-only community-driven NFT marketplace. Trading NFTs from highly ranked collections like BAYC and Doodles is a prerequisite for joining. Members receive a Praise Gold card, which grants access to pre-sale NFT launches, exclusive art exhibits, and private events in the Hollywood Hills.