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Our agency offers bespoke marketing services, business development, & private events for the world's most remarkable people and brands.

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Our Curated Growth Campaigns feature remarkable startups and brands in Web3. To ensure quality, this is an invite-only service—not pay-to-play.

Consumers earn $PRAISE for engaging with the campaigns, while nominated partners earn $PRAISE for their exemplary work.

Although we spend nothing on ads, we typically collect 10,000+ consumer engagements within 48 hours, bringing thousands of people into multiple partner ecosystems.

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Our events in the Hollywood Hills attract startup founders, celebrities, investors, and Influencers who collectively represent billions of dollars in market value.

In the future, the $PRAISE token will power various aspects of our physical attractions and IRL experiences.

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Here are some quotes from clients and stakeholders surrounding the project:

"We saw quite some impact for Artfi, and it was a pleasure to be part of the campaign."

Artfi Social Team

"The Praise team was truly amazing. Everything flowed just how it should; we all enjoyed a symbiotic vibe. The connections and friendships cannot and will never be forgotten."


"Praise has done a fantastic job of communicating effectively, running a smooth campaign, and has gone above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome. A huge thanks from myself and the team at Sheertopia. Praise be!"

Funsho Ajibade, CEO & Founder of Sheertopia

"Praise is shaping up to become a solid way for artists to connect with their fans while generating revenue—not only for the artists but for their fans as well via the secondary market."

—Tim James, Cofounder of RockMafia

"Your Hollywood Hills Party was fantastic. It felt like the early days of Instagram."

—David Cash, Founder of Cash Labs

"I have just invested and am excited about this project! Keep up the good work!"

James Sommerville

Former Global VP of Brand Design at Coca-Cola

Dan Mapes

Co-Founder at Verses AI Technologies

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