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Our agency, Praise Media, focuses on strategic marketing, business development, & private events for Web3's most remarkable projects and thought leaders.

Since 2016, we've helped 50+ vetted founders raise over $500 million. We act as a part of your team, not hired guns billing for hours.

Boost your launch

In a world dominated by tech, we are betting big on human relationships. Our launches have lasting success because we build communities during the pre-launch phase called "launch teams."

The LaunchTeam Collective is a gathering place for our most active contributors. Members include founders, authors, thought leaders, investors, and early adopters. Inside the Collective, you'll find workshops, expert interviews, and upcoming launches. It's free.

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Host your ideal event


We manage invite-only minifestivals for the industry's most remarkable people and projects.

Our parties in the Hollywood Hills attract hundreds of VIP guests, including startup founders, NFT artists, collectors, investors, and Influencers who collectively represent billions of dollars in Web3 market value.

Events are designed specifically for our clients and their needs.

Collab with Top Projects

Alpha Market is our invite-only community-driven NFT marketplace. Trading NFTs from highly ranked collections is a prerequisite for joining. Members receive a Praise Gold card.

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