Complimentary Ticket to Outer Edge LA

The Outer Edge is an epic gathering in LA for the top 1% of Web3 enthusiasts and taste-makers. Praise is an affiliate partner. we will have a large exhibit area at the conference. We love what Outer Edge is doing for the industry. Enter the contest for a chance to win a free GA ticket. Estimated value ($200-$500).

Free GA Ticket

VIP Ticket to Elevated LA™ via Praise Gold

Join us for an experiential festival blending tech, games, music, art, and wellness. Speakers include executives from Fortune 100 companies, founders from billion-dollar tech startups, athletes, celebrities, artists, and entertainers. The limited-quantity Praise Gold™ card is the VIP master key to the Praise universe, both in the digital and physical realms. The card will serve as your VIP Ticket to Elevated LA.

Splinterlands Spellbooks

We're teaming up with Splinterlands to build our first game for the Praise Pals™ metaverse. Although Splinterlands is known for its namesake game shown above, their strategy is much bigger. In this giveaway, you can earn Spellbooks for Splinterlands, but we've also added Praise Pals and Lootboxes as a bonus.

PraiseBots™ Operator Cards

The PraiseBots League (PBL) was originally formed to accelerate innovation at BattleTech and to train Bot Operators. But, over the years, it has become a form of entertainment for the citizens of Praiseland. Bot matches are played in the Coliseum, a massive arena that can morph into different terrains. 

Praiseland™ Genesis Loot Boxes

Our metaverse is imagined as an endless cluster of floating islands in infinite space. Each island represents a plot of land that can be owned and continuously mined for various resources. The Operators have engineered magic Loot Boxes for the genesis of Praiseland. Loot Boxes can hold a combination of items. They will be hidden throughout the metaverse and the real world via augmented reality.

The Friday Replay

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