All you Need is Love

$PRAISE is a "memecoin" in that it has no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.

Just like love itself, $PRAISE can be given or received by anyone who believes in it. The token strengthens each time it is adopted by a new person or community. Everyone deserves $PRAISE simply for being alive.

Endless Use Cases


Celebrities, Influencers, and Brands could distribute $PRAISE to customers in place of loyalty programs. Fans could also give $PRAISE to their favorite emerging artists as a form of support.


Developers could distribute $PRAISE to their players for leveling up, killing the bad guy, etc. $PRAISE could also be the in-game currency.


Communities of any size could distribute $PRAISE to their members as a way to power payments and rewards for various actions at scale.


Employers could distribute $PRAISE to their employees for closing a deal, completing a task, etc. Or, employees could be paid entirely in $PRAISE.


Retail Investors could give $PRAISE to new startups and nonprofits as a trackable form of fundraising/crowdfunding.


Teachers could distribute $PRAISE to their students for good behavior, extra credit, test scores, creativity, etc. $PRAISE could also be given to students as grants.

Token Sale

  • The supply of $PRAISE is fixed at 21 trillion tokens
  • 10.5 trillion tokens will be split among presale investors during a stealth presale period
  • 9.45 trillion tokens will be sent to a liquidity pool on Uniswap after the presale
  • 1.05 trillion tokens will be held in a multi-sig wallet for exchange listing fees
  • No presale holder is permitted to hold more than 1% of the supply at launch
  • LP tokens will be insta-burned to the burn address 0x0
  • The contract will be renounced upon launch
  • Presale tokens will unlock continuously in real-time over 6 months to prevent dumping
  • Zero tokens are reserved for individual team members

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50 Strategic Partners

Our initial liquidity pool is funded by 50 presale investors, partners, and volunteer team members. After launching on Uniswap, $PRAISE will list sequentially on 10+ centralized global exchanges over a period of 3-6 months. Our 50 presale partners fall into various strategic categories, shown below.


Accredited investors, venture capital funds, and institutions have joined the token presale or invested in our pre-seed round.


Several Web3 mavens have partnered with us, offering support with strategic partnerships, exchange listings, and marketing efforts.


Our founding developers have worked across Web2/Web3, spanning from IBM in 1989 to major NFT collections and smart contracts in 2023.


Influencers and brands are speculating that $PRAISE could be leveraged for their audiences. Several Influencers (1M+ following) have joined the token presale or invested in prior rounds.


We've secured LOIs from 10+ exchanges who will list $PRAISE during our launch period of 3-6 months. They will in effect become part of the 50 strategic presale partners, utlizing their allotted tokens for market-making.


We believe in a cosmic force that connects us. Through word of mouth and personal relationships, a few of the 50 pre-sale holders just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Global Exchange Listings

We have secured LOI agreements to list $PRAISE on the following centralized exchange platforms. Each platform will provide its own unique marketing support during the launch phase. More listings will be announced over time.

Let's have some fun

Praise Labs™