All you need is Love

Praise is a next-generation SoFi ecosystem built on the blockchain, designed to reward consumers for their inherent value.

The network is powered by PRAISE, a reward-based cryptocurrency that is earned, not purchased. Like love, PRAISE can be given to anyone. The token strengthens each time a new community adopts it or a new person receives it.


Endless Use Cases


Celebrities, brands, and Influencers can give PRAISE to their audiences in place of loyalty points.


Developers can reward players with PRAISE for leveling up, defeating a boss, or winning the game.


Communities of any size can distribute PRAISE to their members for any desired behavior.


Employees can earn PRAISE for showing up on time, closing a deal, or completing a critical task.


PRAISE can be pooled and offered to startups, nonprofits, and other organizations that are elevating the world.


PRAISE can be earned by students for exemplary performance, or given to top achievers as a scholarship.

Seamless Integrations

The Praise infrastructure is designed for third-party integrations, white labeling, and customization directly within your product.

The PRAISE token can also supercharge marketing campaigns, product launches, events, and giveaways.

A Human Approach

Praise Media™