Built to last 1,000 years

$PRAISE is a customizable network token. New tokens are automatically emitted to existing holders every 24 hours based on their engagement from the day prior. The token strengthens each time a new community adopts it. Our unique emissions model is programmed to achieve full circulation after exactly 1,000 years.

Giving $PRAISE

$PRAISE will always be emitted to holders based on their unique network activity and the NFTs they hold. We call this, "Proof of Engagement" (POE).

The infrastructure is designed for third-party white labeling and customization. We're currently onboarding select launch partners.

Become a Launch Partner

Infinitely scalable

User activity is compiled every 24 hours on-chain, which generates rewards in the form of $PRAISE

Rewards are weighted by comparing various behaviors across the entire network during each 24-hour block.

Those who bring the most value to the platform get the highest rewards. Rewards decrease slowly over time.

The Power Shift

Praise Algorithm


A fair launch

There is no private presale. Nobody 'gets in early.' One billion $PRAISE tokens will be auctioned over a 50-day rolling launch period. On Day 51, the Praise algorithm will begin sending more $PRAISE to existing token holders on a daily basis. Complete our simple form to register for the auction.

Due to federal regulations, the presale is only available to US accredited investors and Non-US investors. For commitments greater than $10,000 USD, contact us.

Endless use cases


Developers could give $PRAISE to their players for leveling up, killing the bad guy, etc. PRAISE could also be the in-game currency.


Celebrities, Influencers, and brands could give $PRAISE to customers in place of loyalty programs. Fans could also give PRAISE to their favorite artists as payment.


Teachers could give $PRAISE to their students for good behavior, extra credit, test scores, creativity, etc. PRAISE could also be given to students as grants.


Retail Investors could give $PRAISE to new startups as a form of fundraising or crowdfunding.


Employers could give $PRAISE to their employees for closing a deal, completing a task, etc. Or, just pay employees entirely in $PRAISE.


Communities of any size could give $PRAISE to their users as a way to power payments and rewards for various actions.