All you Need is Love

$PRAISE is a "memecoin" in that it has no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.

Just like love itself, $PRAISE can be given or received by anyone who believes in it. The token strengthens each time it is adopted by a new person or community.

Seamless Integrations

The Praise infrastructure is designed for third-party integrations, white labeling, and customization directly within your product.

The $PRAISE token can also supercharge marketing campaigns, product launches, events, and giveaways.

Become a Launch Partner

Endless Use Cases


Celebrities, Influencers, and Brands could distribute $PRAISE to customers in place of loyalty programs. Fans could also give $PRAISE to their favorite emerging artists as a form of support.


Developers could distribute $PRAISE to their players for leveling up, killing the bad guy, etc. $PRAISE could also be the in-game currency.


Communities of any size could distribute $PRAISE to their members as a way to power payments and rewards for various actions at scale.


Employers could distribute $PRAISE to their employees for closing a deal, completing a task, etc. Or, employees could be paid entirely in $PRAISE.


Retail Investors could give $PRAISE to new startups and nonprofits as a trackable form of fundraising/crowdfunding.


Teachers could distribute $PRAISE to their students for good behavior, extra credit, test scores, creativity, etc. $PRAISE could also be given to students as grants.

Token Sale

  • The supply of $PRAISE is fixed at 21 trillion tokens
  • The entire supply will be minted at launch
  • LP tokens will be insta-burned to the burn address 0x0
  • The contract will be renounced upon launch

Complete our simple form to register for the public token sale.

Global Exchanges

We have secured LOI agreements to list $PRAISE on the following centralized exchange platforms. Each platform will provide its own unique marketing support during the launch phase. More listings will be announced over time.

Community first. Always.

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