Episode 004: January 19, 2023

Raj Singh, CEO of National Lampoon, joins us to discuss the mega brand's entry into Web3.

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Episode 003: January 18, 2023

Learn from our special guest, Skynet, a proven market-maker. You'll discover the difference between "marketing" and "market-making," why projects need buyers and sellers, and why you should consider using a market maker for your project.

Episode 002: January 12, 2023

We're joined by San Sound, Flu, James Sommerville, National Lampoon, Splinterlands, and more. Get the experts views on the future of Web3, with billboard tweetable quotes toward the end.

Episode 001: January 11, 2023

A discussion on Bitcoin Lending, featuring DLC Link. Learn about Discreet Log Contracts, Bitcoin, and the future of defi.

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