Ep. 010: Tsuka Token

Tsuka is a decentralized community token, built on ERC-20, fully distributed, and entirely run by the community. Tsuka launched in the darkest days of the bear market. In nine months, it went from a market cap of just $3,000 to over $100 million. It currently rests at number seven on the top meme coins list on Coinmarketcap.

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Ep. 009: Doc Peace

Dr. Peace Uche (aka Doc Peace) is an award-winning Spoken Word Poet, 2X bestselling author, former radio personality, and host of the GOLDen MetaSessions Podcast. Her innovative communication strategies and soulful content have been integrated with Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Doc Peace is now making a name for herself in Web3.

Ep. 008: Jay Rosenzweig

Jay is an investor and advisor to dozens of high-profile tech businesses, and a long-standing advocate for human rights around the globe. He has been internationally recognized for the Annual Rosenzweig Report on equality, which he has published for the past 17 years. The report has received endorsements and contributions from a wide range of influencers including Justin Trudeau, Alyssa Milano, Sheryl Sandberg, Deepak Chopra, Van Jones, Zainab Salbi, Mark Cuban, and many others.

Ep. 007: Origin Protocol

Matt Liu, the cofounder of Origin Protocol, joins us to discuss the future of Defi. Origin aims to onboard the next 100 million users into crypto.

Takeaways: Learn why pivoting is often necessary for Web3 founders, how to make money while holding a stablecoin, and why Defi will eat Tradfi. In the words of Matt Liu, "We are more alike than we are different."

Ep. 006: Rumpel AI

In this lively discussion, James Sommerville, CEO of KnownUnknown, reveals a new generative AI tool for graphic designers. James was previously the global VP of Design for Coca-Cola, and he's one of my cofounders at Praise.

Ep. 005: RZR & Gala Films

David Bianchi joins us to discuss RZR, an interactive, cinematic mini-series. The dystopian drama has a Black Mirror feel, with a storyline rooted in Web3 culture.

In light of recent hacks, we also discuss smart wallet management and best practices.

Ep. 004: National Lampoon

Raj Singh, CEO of National Lampoon, joins us to discuss the mega brand's entry into Web3.

The Poison Pill is more than an NFT. It's an all-access pass to the National Lampoon platform, which will include unique experiences and content.

Ep. 003: Market Making in Crypto

What is market-making? Learn from our special guest, Skynet, a proven market-maker in crypto.

You'll discover the difference between "marketing" and "market-making," why projects need buyers and sellers, and why you should use a market maker for your own token launch.

Ep. 002: Web3 + Music

Learn about SanSound Web3-enabled headphones with panelists Devin Marty, Flu, Art Snitch, James Sommerville, National Lampoon, Alicia Corven, Splinterlands, and more. Toward the end, the experts give their views on the future of Web3 in the form of short quotes.

Ep. 001: DLC Link

A discussion on Bitcoin lending, featuring DLC Link. Learn about Discreet Log Contracts, Bitcoin Oracles, and the future of Defi.

This episode is a good primer on Bitcoin lending and how it can be improved. According to DLC Link, over $1 trillion in Bitcoin is laying dormant, ready for safe lending on their platform.

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